The First Chicken

I recently read a fascinating article in Newsweek about how medieval Christians encouraged chicken evolution and most likely responsible for the creation of the domestic chicken. It doesn’t answer the question of which came first, but it does talk about the benefit of breaking the habit of being a seasonal breeder. (Tough habit to break! I hear. I wouldn’t know.) Imagine the joy of your annual omelet though!

It also discusses breeding chickens to like people. I know! It’s hard for me to conceptualize the little terrors that existed before this happened. Chickens are mean. They are one of the closet relatives to the T-Rex. I am firmly under the belief that if a chicken was large enough it would eat you without a question.  So, these medieval monks decided to raise these mildly evil birds and then concluded they needed more, faster.  Why? cause you can’t eat steak on Friday’s during Lent. Thus, the first domestic chicken.

A couple of years ago, I felt I needed to evolve past cows and cattle related paintings and spread my wings a little. So, I painted this chicken. It’s a small acrylic painting on canvas- 12 x 12 My mom came to visit a few days later and asked to take it to Dinosaur Land. It felt fitting. While I was at her house, I shot a couple of pictures. So, this is my first chicken-

DSC_0139 (2)

This week, I have experienced endings and beginnings. I went to my parents home for the last 30 years as they prepare to move. I gathered the few remaining items they had held on to for me, pictures, memories, scrapbooks, my swim-team warm-ups, and being an artist, my early paintings.

Orange brown clown doll harlequin
Still Life With Clown- Acrylic on board

This is the first real painting I completed.  I stress the word real, because I had painted before, finger paints, water colors, paint-by-number, etc.. This was the first painting with substance. My high school art teacher, Brock Thorne, had opened my eyes to the joy of structure. How to design, build, format. How to create with a purpose.

Jump forward many years and I am engulfed in the structure of art again. This time, how do you design art that works, how do you build an art business, how do format HTML? Hopefully, I will be able to answer these questions and many more.

This is my new beginning!

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